Convenience Story

I created this series of illustrations based on my imagination and memories of convenience stores.

All rights reserved. Ⓒ 2024 Yumeng Fu

Perfect Shot

Perfect Shot is a full-color, 60-page graphic novel that I finally finished in 2024. 

Click here to get a high-quality digital copy of the whole book.

All rights reserved. Ⓒ 2023 Yumeng Fu

Summer Fizz

Summer Fizz is a story about two friends wandering around the city in a summer night. The story is inspired from my experience at Shanghai’s Red Town, which was later demolished.

I used colored ink to draw the lines and shades separately, and then put them together in photoshop. I was trying to depict that dreamy and emotional feeling we get when we remember.

All rights reserved. Ⓒ2021 Yumeng Fu

Alligator Boy

This is the first comic I made.

All rights reserved. Ⓒ 2020 Yumeng Fu


Most of these drawings were made while attending online drawing sessions. Some are drawn from videos and some are from photos.